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Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake. For the past 18 years, Đông Lai Pagoda (Tinh Bien district, An Giang Province) has been making pancakes for guests whenever they come to pray.

Đông Lai Pagoda is also known as the Buddhist pagoda, or “Pancake Pagoda” because the pagoda often provides free vegetarian pancakes for visitors when they come to visit this place.

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

“Since 1999, there are many visitors to Đông Lai Pagoda, so the monks thought of cooking this dish for them. At first, there were only a few pans, but thanks to the rumors, visitors to the pagoda are growing, so from some pan in the past, it has grown to 40 and serve customers throughout the week in the future” Bui Van Tam said (he is chef in the pagoda for 10 years.

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Making pan cake

Pagoda in Mekong Delta offers free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Currently, 10 volunteers cook this dish. Ingredients include rice flour, coconut milk, tofu, green beans and pickles in Cam Mountain.

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Special pancake in Mekong

From 5 to 10 minutes, there will be cooked pancakes.

On weekdays, local people will cook 300 pancakes, on weekends, the number of pancakes doubled. When visitors give money for the pagoda, it also the way they pay for these pancakes.

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Pancake make by locals

Everyone who is enjoying this dish has to queue in front of the chef, then the chef will put the cake on each plate as soon as the pancakes are cooked.

Free Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Eat there still hot

“The vegetarian pancake is delicious. Every year coming to An Giang, I visit this pagoda to enjoy this dish ” Như said(she live in Can Tho).

In addition, the food court is very spacious, for visitors to rest and enjoy this dish. Moreover, they will donate money to charity.

The temple is located on Highway 91, very convenient for visitors to visit each day.

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