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Festivals in Mekong Delta

Festivals in Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is an area not only famous for its beautiful nature and fresh air. With a unique and diverse culture, Mekong Delta is also an extremely special area with a lot of famous and colorful festivals throughout 13 provinces.

Before traveling to Mekong Delta. One of the things you must know about is the colorful, fun and humane festivals of people living in the Mekong Delta region. So, what are you waiting for without carrying your backpack and enjoy these festivals – Festivals in Mekong Delta

Festivals in Mekong Delta

Sam Mountain God of Region Festival – Festivals in Mekong Delta

This is one of the biggest festivals in the Southern region. Takes place on the night of the 23rd to the 27th of the lunar calendar. In Ba Chua Xu Temple, Sam Mountain, An Giang Province. The 25th is the most important day because this is the day when people found her statue. 

As usual, on the night of the 23rd, thousands of people came here to visit, pray and see the bath ritual for the statue. Firstly, her statue was taken down, after that bathed with a mixture of water and mixed with perfume to bathe. In addition, There are also a lot of traditional activities taking place on this day. This is one of the most famous holidays in the Southern area.

Festivals in Mekong Delta

Sam Moutain God of Region Festival

Ok Om Bok Festival

The Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region all celebrated the Ok Om Bok festival. Also known as the Moon Worship Festival in 14th and 15th of October lunar calendar.

Firstly, it’s opening with the boat racing festival, a familiar vehicles here. Each boat contains 40 people competing against each other on colorful boats. In the past, this was a custom to perform for heavenly spirits to enjoy on the full moon night. After that, the festival became more famous and became a regional festival that enjoyed by many tourists.

Festivals in Mekong Delta

Boat Racing in Ok Om Bok Festival

Secondly is the lantern festival. Local people create laterns from bamboo and a special paper. And at the brightest moon, the lights will be released.

In other words, the folk believe that this activities will help delete all bad luck and sorrow away.

Moreover, there are many special events taking place throughout this occasion to help people get the best preparation for the next season – Festivals in Mekong Delta

Festivals in Mekong Delta

Latern Event in OK Om Bok Festival

Seven Mountains Bull Racing Festival

The famous festival happened from August 28th to September 1st of the lunar calendar, on the occasion of Dolta New year in An Giang province. In addition, this is a special occasion to commemorate the ancestors of the Khmer people.

During this festival, the race will be host on the fields that are plowed repeatedly to create a certain settlement for the soil. After that, each contestant will balance his cow’s pairs in a balanced way to compete with other competitors. And the first pair of bulls completed the race will win.

After being organized for the first time in 1992, this festival was gradually loved by the people and became the most famous festival in An Giang province. This festival attract thousands of tourists for An Giang province every year.

Festivals in Mekong Delta

Cow Racing in Seven Mountain Festival

Finally, Mekong Delta is a large area with lots of interesting festivals. And surely there will be many other exciting festivals in the Mekong Delta that you need to come here to experience to feel all the real fun things here – Festivals in Mekong Delta

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