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Day Trips From Saigon

Day Trips From Saigon

Day Trips From Saigon. There is no bad time to travel but there are always better times to visit a place. Each month, each season always brings different colors to destinations with festivals or beautiful scenery. Here are 12 Destinations Of Each Moth In The Year and tips for you when you want to travel any month in Vietnam!

January: Đà Lạt –  Blooming Peach Blossom Season

Firstly in this list “12 Destinations Of Each Moth In The Year”, it’s Đà Lạt. You will not need to go to Japan to see the peach season. In Da Lat, January and February are the best time to enjoy peach blossom. Peach blossom is the symbol and soul of Dalat nature in spring. Coming to Dalat on this occasion, you will have the opportunity to walk on the road where the two roads have rows of large flowers. Especially the area around Xuan Huong Lake, the old villa is located on Tran Hung Dao, Truc Lam Pagoda, Golden Stream area … with every flower blooming extremely romantic.

Day Trips From Saigon

Day Trips From Saigon

February: Sài Gòn – First Full Moon Festival

If you still do not know where to go in February, Saigon is definitely an interesting destination. This time, Saigon has the weather suitable for fun activities as well as sightseeing. Especially, at this time, you can watch a Saigon shimmering, different from the usually vibrant and this will be a worthwhile experience to try it. A place to rest near the festival area – Binh Thanh District will help you easily see the Saigon River sparkling flowers on the night of the full moon.

Day Trips From Saigon

Hoi An

March: Mộc Châu – Ban Flower Season

Every year, around March, this is the time that the spring comes to the Northwest. It is also the time when Ben Flower blooming in Moc Chau forest. Flowers have long been regarded as the symbol of the North West region, bearing a lifelong vitality, despite the harshness of weather and terrain, still stretched out to grow strong. You can admire the tree flowers in the area along Highway 6, Moc Chau town, … captivated many travelers through Moc Chau on this occasion. This is one of the outstanding destinations in the list “12 Destinations Of Each Moth In The Year”.

Day Trips From Saigon

Moc Chau Higtland

April: Đà Nẵng & Hội An – Firework Festival – Day Trips From Saigon

Da Nang – the most desirable city in Vietnam – to impress every visitor is a dynamic and vibrant young city. Especially, if you spend the last holidays in April to Da Nang, you will feel a bustling and splendid Da Nang than ever before with an international fireworks festival. This activity is hosted by Da Nang city in recent years. After admiring the great fireworks display, you can visit Hoi An ancient town just 30km to Da Nang to enjoy a more ancient and quiet space.

Day Trips From Saigon

Da Nang

May: Ninh Bình – Rice season – Day Trips From Saigon

In May, Ninh Binh becomes a must go destination for tourists as well as photographers by the beautiful rice fields. Sitting on a small boat down the Ngo Dong River in Tam Coc, you will feel lost in the middle of a golden picture with the green areas of the limestone mountains. Local people harvest rice very quickly, so take advantage of the early to see the beautiful picture of this beautiful nature. This is also the perfect time to avoid the heat of the capital, relaxing and harmonizing with the nature of the countryside. Ninh Binh has many hotels, resorts close to nature so you can choose for your vacation.

Day Trips From Saigon

Ninh Binh Luxestay

June: Hòa Bình – “escape” the heat of the north

If you are “bored” with the sea, then return to the mountainous region of Hoa Binh. You will have a very interesting experience. Not far from Hanoi, Hoa Binh is a mountainous province of the Northwest. With the charms of the ethnic minority culture and the natural, wild, mysterious natural and romantic locations. It will be the ideal destination for a mid-summer vacation. Come to Hoa Binh in June and enjoy yourself in the green nature.

Day Trips From Saigon

Ninh Binh Viet Nam

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