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Cambodia Travel

Cambodia Travel

Cambodia Travel – Vietnam currently has border areas with 3 main countries, namely Laos, Cambodia and China. And Cambodia is one of the closest countries of Vietnam.
In addition, this is also one of the very developed countries in tourism with extremely tourist destinations suitable for spiritual tourism.
Cambodia is known as the Buddhist mission when more than 90% of the population is Buddhist. Moreover, the temples here are built very majestic and sophisticated.

Cambodia Travel

Cambodia Travel

Phnom Penh – Cambodia Travel

This is one of Cambodia’s administrative, economic, cultural and tourism centers.
Therefore, once traveling to Cambodia, it is impossible not to miss the bustling capital of Phnom Penh.
There are many interesting and typical tourist sites.

Royal Palce

The first was the Royal Palace, one of the places where the Cambodian king once lived and enjoyed. So the architecture in this place is extremely majestic and luxurious. The large and small palaces have been built over 100 years, and are still one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel

Royal Palace

Naga World

This is one of the largest casinos in Cambodia. Next, this is also a perfect combination between hotels, resorts and casinos. From there, it will give visitors a great experience with a high level at the top casino in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel

Naga World

Central Market

This is one of the largest and busiest markets in Phnom Penh with more than 200 stalls selling souvenirs and everyday items. If you want to explore the taji Phnom Penhm food and shopping culture, the central market will be one of the ideal places for you.

Siem Riep – Cambodia Travel

Like Phom Penh, Siep Riep is one of the largest cities in Cambodia.
This is also one of the major tourist centers of the country with a lot of tourist places that have entered the legend.

Angkor cluster of temples

Coming to Siem Riep, you cannot ignore the charm of these national cultural heritages. In the temple complex of Angkor, Angkor Wat Temple is one of the most popular temples because of its massive, historic and unique architecture.

Cambodia Travel

Angkor Wat

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