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Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market. Located on Cam Tho Province, Cai Rang floating market is 6km away from the center of Can Tho City, and about 30-minutes away from Ninh Kieu Wharf by boat. The same as other floating markets in Mekong Delta, Cai Rang was initially formed to meet the trading needs of the locals while the road traffic system was still in its infancy. What’s awesome is that it existed for over 100 years!

The funny name of “Cai Rang Floating market”

But local people give the name for this market as “Karan”. “Karan” is a daily molded clay stove of the Khmer people on the boat and has three legs.

When cooking on the boat, the boat will swing in the water, so Karan is the most convenient tool for them to cook on the boat. In the past, this was the place where many Karan was exchanged. And Karan pronounced “Cai Rang” today.

Cai Rang Market

Cai Rang Market

Besides, Cai Rang floating market was started quite early, usually from early morning to late 9:00 am. In floating markets, most of the goods are wholesalers (wholesale). At the market, commodities are diverse, rich, the top is the group of agricultural products: fruits, vegetables, flowers. Followed by crafts, household items (cups, plates, pots, pans …). Food (fish paste, salt, sugar, milk, pepper …). In addition, there are small boats selling food, drink and some goods to serve the daily activities of locals and visitors.

Lives on Cai Rang Floating Market

Similarly, wallowing in the hectic atmosphere, you not only see the bustling vibe of the market but also enhance your knowledge of how several generations live together on boats. Those boats become their “mobile houses” on the river, which contain animals, flower pots, TV, and more. Needless to say, all daily activities mostly take place on boats. On the late afternoon, children can study on the deck while parents may prepare something to sell tomorrow.

Eating on the floaitng market

Eating on the floating market

Unique marketing

In the busy floating market, there is no need for the sellers to cry loudly. That’s because their cries can get lost in the big noise of the boats’ engines as well as swallowed in the largeness of the river. Locals will hang the products they want to sell onto a bamboo stick for their advertisement. In addition, buyers or visitors can easily find the products they need. So do not waste your time asking people around you what you need, look up and you will find what you want. Indeed, another unique point of the market is not “deal on credit” and bargain. All transactions take place quickly to the time before the market ends as the sun rises.

Best time to visit Cai Rang Floating Market

Last but not least, to enjoy the bustling atmosphere and explore the floating market culture here, you can wake up early around 6am-7am. To mingle with the lifestyle of locals on the river, you may ask a local guide to instruct you by a small sampan boat. Then, along with to the gaps between boats, choose the fresh fruits you want to enjoy directly or have breakfast with the special and distinguishing recipe of Vietnamese food, the flavor will leave a strong impression on your mouth.

Trading on the floating market

Trading on the floating market

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