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Cai Be Floating Market

Cai Be Floating Market

The most famous Market in mekong

Which is in Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. This is not only a place to exchange, buy and sell goods of people but also is an attractive place for tourists to come every year.
The market usually takes place in the section along Tan Phong isle. Bordering 3 provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre and Vinh Long. The market not only trades fruits but also fabrics, household items, poultry …
The market is famous for being the largest fruit garden in Tien Giang province such as star apple, green skin pomelo, Tan Lap pineapple, Cai Be orange, …
However, Cai Be market is not crowd as old days, bustling as before. Now you can come to Cai Rang floating market, Nga Nam floating market, Nga Bay floating market, …Cai Be floating market.

Cai Be Floating Market

What is floating market? Cai Be Floating Market

Cai Be Floating Market Cai Be Floating Market

Floating market is a form of trading, exchanging goods on the main transports are ship / boat / raft and moving on the river. Normally, floating market will form on a relatively wide river section. That river is neither too shallow nor too deep. Because deep rivers will make it difficult to row and anchor boats.
One interesting thing is that the market is always crowded with boats like that but there are no collisions.

Besides, with reasonable prices items along with the friendliness of the people, it makes the buyers extremely warm and excited. Floating market is not inferior to land markets but also very happy because of the constant movement of shops. Come to Mekong Delta and explore it now.


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