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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Water Lily in Mekong Delta

Water Lily in Mekong Delta Water Lily in Mekong Delta. Which is a species commonly grown in ponds, lakes, and canals in Mekong Delta. It looks natural and attracts everyone at first sight. In addition to the beauty of the landscape, water lilies can also use for medicine and food, so you will easily see them in the Mekong Delta. Its stem is airy with four-celled tube floats, adapts itself to the depth, and stiffs in shallows. Water lily stems should peel of its fibrous outer layer, cut in julienne and soak in a mixture of water and salt, lemon juice before cooking dishes. Special Food from Water Lily in Mekong Delta Sweet and sour soup with Anabas testudineus and water lily stems Sweet and sour soup is a specialty food in South Vietnam. In fact, this is the perfect combination of...
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Travel Some Saigon Destinations

Travel Some Saigon Destinations Travel Some Saigon Destinations. In fact, if you do not have any direction to explore Saigon for the first time. Indeed, there are many famous destinations we note below for you to refer and you can add them in your travel list around Saigon. Nguyen Hue Walking Street – Travel Some Saigon Destinations First of all, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is located in the center of District 1. Moreover, it is not only a place to stroll after a long hot day but also an ideal place for dating, fun, entertainment combined with many other activities and enjoy many typical dishes. In addition, highlights on the Nguyen Hue walking street have to mention Uncle Ho statue. It is not only placed in a solemn position but also favorable for Vietnamese people and foreign...
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Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year

Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year. Which is Tet Holiday, furthermore is the most important, sacred holidays and has a profound meaning in Viet Nam. It takes places from the first day of the first month of The Lunar Calendar until at least the third day. For Vietnamese, Tet is not only the occasion for a family reunion but also a time to preserve the national identity through the traditional customs maintenance. Depending on each region or the Vietnamese religious concepts, the customs in each locality are usually slightly different. But in general, the common point of the New Year customs is divided into three periods: Before New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and The New Year. Each period corresponds to the preparation, the ritual or the different...
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Destinations for Floating Season

Destinations for Floating Season Destinations for Floating Season in Mekong Delta. Particularly, the period from September to December is considered a floating season in Mekong Delta. Indeed, this is the best time of the year for local people because the largest amount of food is concentrated at this time. In addition, this time is also very convenient for travelers to explore the Mekong Delta. Join a tour with the Breath of the Mekong to explore the tourist destinations for traveling in Mekong Delta in the floating season. CÁI RĂNG FLOATING MARKET First of all, Cái Răng Floating Market is the most famous tourist destination of Can Tho. Furthermore, the operation time of the floating market is from 5am-9am. The fact that the main products are agricultural products, fruits, goods, food...
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