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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Best Way To Explore Mekong Delta

Best Way To Explore Mekong Delta

How to have a perfect trip to the Mekong Delta? Are you a foreigner and worried about language? Add to that the food has the taste or not? What items do you need to bring? How is the weather in Mekong in the summer? Let’s find out the best way to explore Mekong Delta.

Best Way To Explore Mekong Delta

Things to prepare when traveling to Mekong Delta

  • First you need to bring mosquito repellent. Because this is a river and a lot of trees. So lots of mosquitoes and insects.
  • In addition, prepare the flashlight very bright if you intend to move at night. Especially sitting sampan boat going to see fireflies at night needing a flashlight.
  • GPRS or compass navigation device
  • If you are traveling by motorbike, prepare some vehicle repair tools in case of bad situations.
  • Personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, towels, bath soap …

Best Way To Explore Mekong Delta


Best Way To Explore Mekong Delta

Home stay Muoi No

Most tourists like relax at homestay because they are close to nature. In addition, visitors can learn the life of the people here, listen to their stories.
Besides, you also have the opportunity to learn cooking class with typical Vietnamese dishes. Most Mekong Delta homestays will be close to nature such as lying on the river bank, there are many tall coconut trees and very cool winds.
Mekong Delta is one of the interesting places attracting domestic and foreign tourists to Vietnam. With beautiful landscapes interspersed with unique cultural values and charismatic master dishes. In addition, this place will definitely make you feel the feeling of peace and comfort.

And with Private tour, you will get the most comfortable and quality way of traveling when only you, your relatives and a knowledgeable guide during the tour.

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