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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Best Mekong Day Tour

Best Mekong Day Tour

Best Mekong Day Tour – Mekong Delta is always an attractive destination for tourists by many special points. This is a paradise of large rivers, covering almost one third of the area of this area. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can easily move to Mekong in many different forms and different tours depending on the location and distance traveled.

Best Mekong Day Tour

Where to go? Best Mekong Day Tour

With such special tourist destinations as Mekong Delta, you cannot discover a large area in just one day.
But you can still find out the outstanding values ​​here if you can compose a suitable schedule.

So this is some place for the best mekong day tour.

Local Incense Factory – Best Mekong Day Tour

When you come to this local incense workshop, you will discover one of the important spiritual cultures of the Vietnamese people here. They will remember the deceased or pray for luck with aromatic incense.

Best Mekong Day Tour

Mekong Delta Local Market

This is just one of the shopping venues of the Mekong Delta, not big supermarkets in crowded cities.
So they go shopping and chatting with vendors like their acquaintances.

Mekong river boat trip

With only a boat trip around the Mekong region, you will easily recognize the vast, majestic and beautiful nature that nature has bestowed on this place. Along with that is discovering the natural characteristics that only this area can get.

Special Cuisine

The cuisine at Mekong Delta is one of the specialties that attracts tourists, not only because it’s delicious but also because of its originality. Each province is a distinctly different dish, giving us a feeling of excitement and curiosity whenever enjoying the food at Mekong Delta.

Best Mekong Day Tour

Read more: So if you have a chance to explore Mekong Delta, do not miss anything for the best Mekong Day Tour.

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