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Mekong Delta Trip
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imageMekong Trip
Mekong Delta Private Trip
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Mekong Tour
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Mekong Delta Tour Trip
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Warming welcomes to our home page, and thank you for interested in our story.

My name is Quang (Jason), I’m Vietnamese and was born in the Mekong Delta which is the South part of the country.

For me and the local people here, Mekong River like our mother, the river brings us a lot of values. From the river, we got fish, water, and a hundred millions ton of mud for the farm and gardens. Above all, the awesome river chose our homeland is the last stop after a journey through over 4.000km of 6 countries.

The Mekong River is the 12th longest in the world and borders Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, especially Vietnam. It is also home to the legend of the Phaya Naga and the mysterious Naga Fireballs.

In the Buddhist stories, the Naga serpent Muchalinda spreads out his multiple heads to protect the Buddha from a storm as he meditates. Moreover, the role of protector is continued at almost every temple in Thailand, where Nagas grace the roofs of the assembly halls and guard the entrance to the temple precincts.

Mekong Delta, Where is it?

The Mekong Delta – “Nine Dragon river delta” is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southwestern Vietnam of over 40,500 square kilometers (15,600 sq mi).

In addition, it’s flat, hot and green, the Mekong Delta is Vietnam’s most important agricultural region. Much of the area is covered by rice paddies that are irrigated by Delta water and fertilized by delta silt. Most importantly, do not miss the amazing Mekong Delta when you travel to Vietnam. Not only with a professional team, But we will also be your tour guide and show you our beloved homeland.

Last but not least, an ancient breath reappeared through the modern look. The experience you get is all my enthusiasm and pride. It is my deepest thanks to the Mekong River. View our home page to see more useful information.

Thank you from our hearts!!!

Breath of The Mekong Team
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Do not same any travel agent in Hochiminh city, Breath Of The Mekong Tours not offer a group tours with 34, 40 guests in a bus and call it is an authentic experience.Breath Of The Mekong Tours use our quality and private destination as a “Competing Capability”.Join with our tours. Customers will have a chance to get in touch directly with the local culture. Admire a breathtaking landscape, non-noisy and touristic.

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