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Vietnam Special

Vietnam Special Vietnam is a small country, with a population of about 80 million. But there are countless special things that foreign tourists want to visit. As a country in Southeast Asia, this place is not only famous for the natural scenery given by nature but also by the ethnic culture that visitors love. Besides, if you are a food enthusiast and like adventurous tourism or trekking. There is the ideal destination for you this summer. Find out what Vietnam special things have. Vietnamese coffee Leading the world in coffee production is Brazil, so do you know which country is ranked second? It’s Vietnam! Coffee mainly grows in Trung Nguyen area. In addition, the flavor of Vietnamese coffee is always aromatic and strong. Enjoying Vietnamese coffee rightly is Phin coffee. The...
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Mekong fruit farm

Mekong fruit farm Refer to Mekong Delta, beside floating market, cajuput forest, stork gardens … The fruit orchards are also one of the attractive places for tourists to visit. Because the terrain of the Mekong is mainly rivers and canals. So every year it accretes a large amount of alluvium. Since then, taking advantage of that strength, people have cultivated many delicious fruits and gradually formed famous famous Mekong fruit farm. Cai Be Mekong fruit farm – Tien Giang province This is one of the most famous fruit gardens of the West. Cai Be fruit orchard cultivates by extremely diverse fruits. By the harvest season, the fruit garden becomes extremely beautiful because there are colorful. The fruits that you can find in Cai Be fruit orchard are longan, orange, plum,...
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Mekong Market

Mekong Market When we mention Mekong Delta, the most special things that you often hear are fruit orchards, sampan boats, river, … Besides, you will also know Mekong market which is the most attractive tourist attractions. So which markets that Mekong includes? Let’s follow the article below. Ngã Bảy floating market The Ngã Bảy floating market formed in 1915, and another name is Phung Hiep market. Moreover, this is the most famous floating market in Hau Giang. Besides, it is not only a tourist destination that attracts tourists to every year but also a place of trading and exchanging activities of residents of the Mekong River Delta. Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang The reason for the name Nam Nga is because this market formed on the intersection of 5 rivers. They...
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Mekong Special Villages

Mekong Special Villages Mekong Special Villages – true to its name, especially in that it is not like other villages. It is the floating village on the river. Houses floating on the water, the main means of transport for families are boats and ships. The daily activities of them is fishing. However, like other villages, due to human needs there will be other services that arise such as repairing machines and gasoline … So where are these special villages? Let’s explore it. Tân Lập floating village – Long An province First, a brief introduction, Tan Lap floating village locates in Long An. Moving to here is not too difficult because it is only about 100 km from Ho Chi Minh city. You can buy a bus ticket or gather a group of friends to travel by motorbike here....
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